We work to provide affordable live/work, creative office and working studio space for artists, small businesses and start-ups in urban core areas.


There is an ongoing need to provide affordable housing and working space for artists in urban core areas of large and small cities in the US. Artists are visionaries of change and typically are willing to embrace being the first wave of gentrification in otherwise blighted urban areas. As the neighborhood improves, however, rents increase and the artists are forced out, due to escalation of costs. Our plan is to keep rents low for the very, very long term. Artists - in conjunction with small businesses and start-up - create a culture of innovation and creativity that stimulates revitalization and street activation which helps to build the type of dynamic, diverse, healthy cities this country needs. 



Find out about our organization, our mission, our methods and why we feel committed to our vision.

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Are you an artist or entrepreneur looking for affordable space? Or a city or landowner looking to repurpose property?

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